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Why Choose Horter?

Why Choose Horter?

At Horter, we believe in providing our clients with a system designed to be low risk and low volatility1 portfolio management while having the goal of getting attractive rates of return over time. We also offer portfolios with more risk based on the risk profile of the investor.

Clients have different investment goals. Our advisors help clients determine their risk. Horter's tactical management style is designed to help protect against large drawdowns, while striving to preserve the long-term growth of your investment portfolio.

The goal of your Horter advisor is to help you minimize downside risk and reasonably plan for 15-25 years of retirement. Various strategies are used to help avoid large-scale losses. Non-correlation and diversified asset classes have a goal to manage wealth for performance and protection. Hedged equity opportunities allow clients to go risk off to cash or potentially make money if stocks go up or down. Being able to make money in bonds as interest rates climb is also very important in a rising interest rate market. Tactical strategies adjust to market conditions, with the goal to protect and grow portfolios even in a volatile market.

1Low Risk, Low Volatility Disclosure: Your investment advisor may recommend third-party money managers who utilize investment strategies designed to minimize portfolio volatility and reduce the risk of declines in account values. Like any other investment strategy, this approach entails risks, including the risk that client accounts can still lose value and the risk that a defensive position may, at any given point in time, prevent client accounts from appreciating in value.

There is no guarantee that managers will be able to avoid future market losses by going risk off to cash. In addition, holding cash may carry the risk that a manager will not be invested during periods of positive market performance.

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