Your goals matter


When you succeed, so do we.

That’s why our goal is to help you reach yours. At Horter, our advisors focus on creating value, security, and peace of mind for everyone we work with.

What do you want for your future?

What do you want for your future?

Before we discuss tactics like mutual funds and 401ks, we need to know what you want for your life.

  • What does your ideal life look like now?
  • Five years from now?
  • When you retire?
  • When you can no longer live on your own?

You have a specific vision for your future, so we take the time to clearly define that. Everyone has a different ideal in mind, so everyone needs a different approach to managing their wealth.

You’re in the driver’s seat

You’re in the driver’s seat

Once you share how you want to live today, tomorrow, and in the future, we can determine which paths will get you there. Horter advisors design plans unique to each individual instead of fitting you into the same box as everyone else.

You want your money to do three things:

  1. Keep up with inflation
  2. Grow consistently
  3. Replenish itself when you use some of it

Your investment plan will be uniquely aligned to your needs and preferences as it delivers on these objectives.

You have choices

You have choices

At Horter, we never stop learning and innovating. Our goal is to offer you many different quality options to create your financial future. Using a modernized approach to portfolio design and diversification, we create layers of protection with the goal to keep your investments growing.

You get to decide how much or how little risk you’re willing to take. You don’t gamble with your retirement, and neither do we (that’s why we don’t play the Wall Street game).

Other firms in the industry may try to limit your options and say you have to accept the full rage of a down market. At Horter, we believe market losses don’t have to be part of your plan. Our goal is to help you win in up markets and protect your assets in down markets. You get to choose what you want to achieve and what you expect us to deliver.

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Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Today's markets are driven by computers and can change direction in seconds with breaking news or a celebrity tweet. They demand a modern approach to designing and managing your money.

We use cutting-edge technology and insights to get real-time information on every investment we manage. Every single day, we and our subadvisors monitor, manage and review the performance of our investment models. This responsive proactive approach mitigates losses and allows us to take advantage of the unexpected.

Although there are never any assurances in investing, our overarching goal is that our portfolios provide consistent, long-term results.

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